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The Railyard Art Committee seeks self-funded public art and performance projects for temporary installation in the Railyard Park + Plaza.

Community Artists, Designers and Innovators:
The Railyard Art Committee (RAC) invites both individuals and creative teams to propose visual and performing art projects that are vital, lively and experimental for temporary installation within the Railyard Park + Plaza.
We welcome thoughtful, challenging, playful, innovative, and edifying art in the context of social, cultural expression and environmental sustainability. Such issues may include ––but are not limited to ––cultural heritage, site history, ecological restoration, and the building of a sustainable future. Most importantly, projects should emphasize community engagement, enjoyment and participation.

The Railyard Park + Plaza was designed as a Cohesive Urban Art Environment and is a work of art in itself. RAC encourages a continuation of the collaborative spirit that remains at it’s core. Joint efforts across disciplines — artists, designers, scientists, historians, hydrologists, and many more — will be welcomed interactions with the original design.
All applications for installations, artworks and performances of a temporary nature that comply with the usage policies of the Railyard Park + Plaza are welcome. A limited number of honoraria, up to $500, are available for exemplary projects.

For more details or questions contact christy@railyardpark.org
To submit an application click here!

Artists should select an eligible, open-space area of the Railyard appropriate to their projects and describe the project in detail. Click HERE for the link to map of Railyard Art Locations.


RAC is a volunteer group that selects temporary art projects in the Railyard and reviews it for inclusion in the Public Art Program. Current members of the committee:

Juliet Myers is an art educator and former Director of Education & Public Programs at SITE Santa Fe.

Matthew Chase-Daniel is a photographer and sculptor, working in Santa Fe since 1989. He is co-director of Axle Contemporary and a member of the City of Santa Fe Arts in Public Places committee.

Sage Sommer is Exhibitions Manager and Registrar at SITE Santa Fe.

Lucy R. Lippard is a freelance writer (author of 24 books on cultural criticism, history, place etc), sometime curator, and has been a member of RAP for the past twenty years.

Tom Miller teaches sculpture and video classes at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Miller’s studio practice includes sculpture, painting and video. Miller received his BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, and his MFA from University of Arizona. He is also a member of the Railyard Art Project.

Sandra Brice is Director of Events & Marketing for the Santa Fe Railyard Community Corporation where she enjoys working with every aspect of the Santa Fe community in its use of the public spaces of the redeveloped Railyard.

Chelsea Weathers is a writer and archivist. Her art writing has appeared in Artforum, Art Papers, Criticism, Gulf Coast, THE Magazine, and elsewhere. She holds an MA and PhD in Art History from The University of Texas at Austin.

Robert Siqueiros is the Railyard Projects Administrator at the Santa Fe Public Works/Engineering Division, and nephew of the celebrated Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siquieros.

Mariah Romero is the co-founder, co-editor and art director for 1905 Magazine, and Assistant Creative Director at THE Magazine. She graduated from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2017, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Matthew Contos is the curator of Education and Engagement at the Center for Contemporary Arts. He holds an MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts and has worked internationally in partnership with diverse groups and organizations to address socioeconomic inequities via alternative arts education, social services and community organizing.

Melissa Houser is the Land Program Manager at the Santa Fe Conservation Trust. A Santa Fe native, Melissa has a background in theater and holds a Masters in Philosophy from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Christy Lee Downs is the Executive Director of the Railyard Park Conservancy and manages all programming, fundraising, marketing and personnel and has worked in the non-profit realm for 7 years. She also manages the Railyard Art Project and facilitates art installations for the Railyard. She has a BS in Animal Science with a double-minor in Art and Design and Geography from Cal Poly State University in CA.

Michael Coop is the Vice Chair of the Railyard Park Conservancy Board, member of the RPC’s Children’s Committee and Committee member of the Railyard Art Project. He is the owner of Coop Consulting Inc. in Santa Fe, grant-writers and consultants in the field of overdose prevention programs, human services and children and youth initiatives. He is also Chair of the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences.