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Pop-Up Playgrounds

Remember how fun it was to make pillow forts in your parent’s living room?

Well imagine having access to a wide open area with unlimited amounts of wood pallets, logs, cardboard and paint to create the ultimate fort city!

That’s exactly what Pop-Up Playgrounds are.

Pop-Up Playgrounds (PUP), a global movement of free public celebrations of child-directed play, are making their way to New Mexico. Santa Fe’s first PUP took place at Randall Davey Audobon Center, with the Railyard Park hosting the city’s second in the Fall of 2018.

Staffed by Playworkers, Pop-Up Playgrounds gently introduce children to themes of risk and freedom in a supervised setting. When children create their own physical environment, they learn through working together, trying new things, and making mistakes.

Materials are collected and stored by the Railyard Park Conservancy and include eco-friendly paint, rope, pallets, logs, hay bales and fabric.

The next Pop-Up Playground is scheduled for Sunday, October 6 in the Railyard Park!

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