The Railyard Park Conservancy raises 50% of the Park’s annual budget and is responsible for the work it takes to keep the Railyard Park’s gardens and landscapes vibrant, welcoming and beautiful!

Founded as the Railyard Stewards in September 2010 as an independent 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit, the organization changed its name to the Railyard Park Conservancy in April 2016. Reimagining how we serve our community into the future, the name change reflects how the Railyard Park has grown in depth and responsibilities, bringing our operation in line with best practices of successful urban park models which enhances the overall experience for our community and visitors alike.

Through a successful public/private partnership with City of Santa Fe Parks Division and the Santa Fe Conservation Trust, the Railyard Park Conservancy provides all of the horticultural care for the cultivated gardens and landscapes in the 13-acre Railyard Park and offers a wide variety of community educational programming in addition to jurying temporary public art in the Railyard Park.

The Railyard Park Conservancy accomplishes its mission through the generosity of a large cadre of dedicated volunteers and youth-in-service groups that contribute their time and effort to keep the Park healthy, vibrant, and beautiful, in addition to our generous donors and funders. We work hand-in-hand with the City of Santa Fe and elected officials to move the Railyard Park forward into the future to ensure we are able to upgrade amenities, improve access, and provide a safe community gathering place.


Care for the Land: To advocate and provide resources for the maintenance and enhancement of the Railyard Park + Plaza’s landscapes according to the highest standards of excellence.

Focus on the Visitor: To develop event and educational programming that provides opportunities for diverse visitor experiences that encourage repeat, year-round visitation.

Foster Community Ownership and Partnership: To build a network of volunteers who advocate for and work to sustain the Railyard Park and Plaza in perpetuity

Fund the Future: To raise sufficient funds to support the ongoing care and enhancement of the Railyard Park + Plaza.