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2018 Free Workshop Series in the Railyard Park

Rich Atkinson’s Fruit Tree Pruning – Saturday March 8, 2018

In Rich Atkinson’s Fruit Tree Pruning workshop, Rich taught participants the importance of pruning trees correctly, its impact on the health of the tree, yield of fruit and answered specific questions from workshop attendees.

Rose Pruning with Katherine O’Brien – Thursday April 12, 2018 and Saturday, April 14, 2018

Due to high demand, Katherine O’Brien taught two workshops on rose pruning. Mrs. O’Brien is the president of the Santa Fe Rose Society and longtime instructor. Participants began with instruction and discussion in the Community Room then headed out to the park’s beautiful Rose Ramada for hands-on practice.

Community Drought Solutions : Connecting the Drops from Rooftops to Riverbeds – Saturday April 21, 2018

Jeremiah Kidd WorkshopJeremiah Kidd, owner of San Isidro Permaculture shared his knowledge for a special, Earth Day workshop. Exploring the ways water moves through landscapes, participants examined passive and active water collection methods.

Backyard Composting Featuring: Worms! – Saturday April 21, 2018

Composting Workshop

Juliana Ciano, co-founder of Reunity Resources gave two composting demos during the Railyard Park Conservancy’s 2018 Earth Day Celebration. Juliana discussed the do’s and don’ts of backyard composting and how to maintain a healthy compost to benefit both the soil and the worms.

Pollinators: Art, Science and Activism – Saturday May 26, 2018

Bobbe Besold Workshop

Photo by Bobbe Besold

Through story, science and visual art, artist Bobbe Besold led attendees in making pollinator wishes to honor native pollinators. The project, in the form of text on colored ribbons was placed in the Railyard Park Pollinator Garden to engage and educate visitors to the park.

Landscape Design to Support Pollinators – Saturday June 16, 2018

IPM Specialist, Dr. Ashley Bennett gave an informative workshop to participants about how to best optimize specialized garden designs to attract bees, wasps and other native pollinators. Attendees were encouraged to use their new found knowledge to sketch out a design to use in their own gardens.

Native Bee Walk – Tuesday June 19, 2018

Olivia Carril workshop

Dr. Olivia Carril led participants on a beautiful stroll through the Railyard Park, with nets in hand. The group was searching for native bees throughout the park. Dr. Carril discussed many of the myths surrounding native bees and their habitats.

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Native Plant Walk – Saturday July 7, 2018

Native Plant Walk railyard

Gail Haggard led over 60 participants on a walk through the Railyard Park’s many native gardens. Gail is a wealth of knowledge and was there to answer landscaping questions, teach horticultural tips and give insight on interesting facts about native species of plants.

Mushroom Cultivation with Chris Kerns – Saturday July 21, 2018

Chris Kerns Workshop

President of the NM Mycological Society, Chris Kerns led a hands-on workshop on how to cultivate mushrooms in your own home. Chris explained the different types of fungi, what grows in New Mexico and the basics of foraging in our local forests.

Poetry and Suminigashi Workshop – Saturday August 11, 2018

Isabel Winson-Sagan and mother Miriam Sagan led a workshop that combined poetry with suminigashi, or Japanse paper marbling. The artist team collected the poems and art and combined it with land art and geocaching to curate an interactive art piece in the Railyard Park for all to enjoy.

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Youth Photography Workshop – Saturday September 29, 2018

Photography Workshop

LeRoy Sanchez led young photographers and their parents on a hands on workshop with examples of old cameras, photographs of Ansel Adams and an outing in the park with cameras in tow. This family-friendly workshop kicked off the 2018 Youth Photo Contest.

2019 Railyard Park Workshop Series info and dates TBA.