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Railyard Art Project

Learn more about the Railyard Art Project’s history and goals for the future!

The Railyard Art Project facilitates the installation for both established and emerging artists and arts collectives to display temporary public art in the Railyard Park + Plaza.

The Railyard Art Committee seeks self-funded public art and performance projects for temporary installation in the Railyard Park + Plaza.

Community Artists, Designers and Innovators!
The Railyard Art Committee (RAC) invites both individuals and creative teams to propose visual and performing art projects that are vital, lively and experimental for temporary installation within the Railyard Park + Plaza.

We welcome thoughtful, challenging, playful, innovative, and edifying art in the context of social, cultural expression and environmental sustainability. Such issues may include ––but are not limited to ––cultural heritage, site history, ecological restoration, and the building of a sustainable future.

Most importantly, projects should emphasize community engagement, enjoyment and participation.

The Railyard Park + Plaza was designed as a Cohesive Urban Art Environment and is a work of art in itself.

The Railyard Art Project encourages a collaborative spirit and joint efforts across disciplines. Artists, designers, scientists, historians, hydrologists, and many more are welcome to submit collaborative projects through the Railyard Art Project.

A limited number of honoraria, up to $500, are available for exemplary projects.

For more details or questions contact christy@railyardpark.org
To submit an application click here!

Check out the archives to see past Railyard Art Projects!


Currently in the Park

RAP Community Poetry Class with Elizabeth Jacobson

RAP Community Poetry Class – Session 2

October 22 @ 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


All applications for installations, artworks and performances of a temporary nature that comply with the usage policies of the Railyard Park + Plaza are welcome. Artists should select an eligible, open-space area of the Railyard appropriate to their projects and describe the project in detail. Click HERE for the link to map of Railyard Art Locations.