Railyard Art Project

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The Railyard Art Committee seeks self-funded public art and performance projects for temporary installation in the Railyard Park + Plaza.

Community Artists, Designers and Innovators:

The Railyard Art Committee (RAC) invites both individuals and creative teams to propose visual and performing art projects that are vital, lively and experimental for temporary installation within the Railyard Park + Plaza.

RAC will select thoughtful, playful art in the context of social, cultural expression and environmental sustainability.  Such issues may include – but are not limited – cultural heritage, site history, ecological restoration, and the building of a sustainable future.  Most importantly, projects should emphasize community enjoyment, engagement and participation.

The Railyard Park + Plaza was designed as a Cohesive Urban Art Environment and is a work of art in itself.  RAC encourages a continuation of the collaborative spirit that remains at it’s core.  Joint efforts across disciplines — artists, designers, scientists, historians, hydrologists, and many more — will be welcomed interactions with the original design.

All applications for installations, artworks and performances of a temporary nature that comply with the usage policies of the Railyard Park + Plaza are welcome. A limited number of honoraria, up to $500, are available in 2014 for exemplary projects.

For more details or questions contact  To submit an application, click here.  A successful submission will include an email confirmation.

Railyard Art Projects

Coming Soon:

Currents International New Media Festival – Opening Night Friday, June 12th. This event features interactive and fine art video installations, multimedia performances and web based art forms. All events and programs are free to the public. More information at



World Water Day Multimedia Installation

A collaboration of the Water Engineers for the Americas and Magnetic Laboratorium.



Blue Gorilla

Created by local artist Don Kennell, commissioned by the Philadelphia Zoo for their Second Nature exhibit. Made of salvaged automotive sheet metal, the 13 foot tall piece highlights the habitat destruction of endangered lowland gorillas.


Railyard Pianos

Tierra Encantada Charter School Piano Project


Piano Painter

 Home Is…

“Home Is…” Interactive Project by Bobbe Besold

chalkboard 3

Meow Wolf

Art Collective Meow Wolf displayed their colorful art in and around the Roundhouse Ramada at the Railyard Park.




Axel Contemporary

Renga Project




Ongoing installations in the Railyard Park and Plaza are housed in the back of a custom retrofitted 1970 aluminum stepvan.  Axle Contemporary is an art gallery on wheels hosting installations, performance, and thematic group exhibitions of works on paper, including photography, drawing, painting, and limited edition prints.

Yard Dog – Don Kennell

The 1,200 pound, 20-foot-long, 12-foot-high, 6-foot-wide corrugated sheet-metal sculpture was a very popular interactive art piece at the Railyard Park for over a year!

Art Cubed – Raymond Petersen

The “interactive sculpture/painting” allowed the viewer to rotate each of the three 30″ inch cubes creating numerous variations.

Natural Helpers

“Before I Die…” or “All the Reasons to Live” was presented by New Mexico Suicide Intervention Project.  A group of junior and high school students brought awareness in a positive way through this art installation.

Music Under the Watertower

During the beautiful summer months in Santa Fe a variety of artists preform at the Railyard Plaza Watertower.