The Railyard Park Conservancy

What’s in a Name? Announcing Our New Name – Railyard Park Conservancy

Reimagining how we serve our community into the future, the name change reflects how the Railyard Park has grown in depth and responsibilities, bringing our unique public and private partnership with the City of Santa Fe into line with best-practices of successful urban park models and to enhance the overall experience to all members of our community.

We will concentrate on improved landscape standards, maintenance planning, children’s playground enhancements and completion of the original design and intent to allow educational programming for our youngest children and families, in addition to our existing programming for teenagers and adults, and visitor information initiatives.

Our past laid the groundwork for the building and maintenance of the Railyard Park and our commitment to our past remains just as deep today.

We are honored by and dependent on an engaged volunteer and partner base and our generous funders. We work hand-in-hand with the City and elected officials to move the Railyard Park forward into the future and ensure we can upgrade amenities, access, connectivity and safety.

The Railyard Park Conservancy will continue to focus on maintaining the Railyard Park as an urban recreational, social, and artistic landmark representing the spirit of the citizens of Santa Fe, simultaneously being a national example of land reclamation, public-private partnership, water conservation, horticultural excellence using native plants, and nature-based educational programming. The 13-acre Railyard Park is the largest cultivated park in the city and of Santa Fe’s 60 public parks it is the only public space with a dedicated, full-time, conservancy agency providing specialized horticultural care and public programming for our community.

To celebrate our new name, The Railyard Park Conservancy is launching two new programs, the Railyard Park Native Bee House and the Young Children’s Natural Play Experience, kicked off on and to celebrate International Mud Day.

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OUR MISSION: To provide community stewardship and advocacy for the care, programming, and public art in the Railyard Park and Plaza.

OUR VISION: To build a vibrant, beautiful, popular and safe community gathering place representing the history, values and aspirations of the people of Santa Fe.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY: To ensure that the Railyard Park and Plaza are maintained in perpetuity “as a park, open space, community gathering place, Rail Line corridor, trail corridor and plaza area,” as designated in the Railyard Master Plan.

Who is the Railyard Park Conservancy?

The Railyard Park Conservancy is a local organization working in partnership with the City of Santa Fe in a unique care, conservation and education effort to encourage residents to actively participate in our newest and largest city park and adjacent community plaza.  The Stewards was originally a program under the nonprofit Trust for Public Land.  The Railyard Park Conservancy serve as the community ‘friends of’ group of the Railyard Park + Plaza in Santa Fe.

The Railyard Park Conservancy is modeled after such successful stewardship groups as New York’s Central Park Conservancy. The Stewards support the City of Santa Fe’s regular park maintenance by providing specialized care of the park’s ornamental gardens; coordinating extensive community outreach programs; and maintaining ongoing oversight of the park’s horticultural programs and design.

Volunteers Matter

The Stewards rely on community volunteers to fulfill the following goals:

Care for the Land: To advocate and provide resources for the maintenance and enhancement of the Railyard Park and Plaza landscape according to the highest standards of excellence.

Focus on the Visitor: To develop event and educational programming that provides opportunities for diverse visitor experiences that encourage repeat, year-round visitation.

Foster Community Ownership and Partnership: To build a network of volunteers who advocate for and work to sustain the Railyard Park and Plaza in perpetuity

Fund the Future: To raise sufficient funds to support the ongoing care and enhancement of the Railyard Park and Plaza

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